Brand: Lene Bjerre
Product Code: LB-a00004766
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length 27 cm | width 11 cm | height 30 cm

Material: polyresin
Colour: antique silver

Place the heron on a beautiful decorative tray along with other beautiful decorations that are suitable for both the season and the mood. Therefore go wild, get creative and create the perfect atmosphere and your very own personal expression in your interior design, with the help of the unique and trendy home accessories from Lene Bjerre. The heron is a part of the beautiful decorations in the Serafina series. The designs of the products in the Serafina series are kept stylish and exclusive, which therefore makes it possible for you to mix different series with each other and thus create your very own personal expression in your interior design.
Polyresin is a resin mix, commonly used for statues, figures and other decorative elements. Polyresin is a strong material that can be molded and allows a high degree of detail and uniform textures. Additives can be added to achieve improved strength, reduced weight, application of heat stability, decorative effects, etc. With polyresin it is also possible to add a wide variety of finishes, including for example paint or metallic finish. This is also one of the reasons why many decorative elements are made of polyresin material.