1. Online shop www.smakstudio.pl does not collect any data automatically, except of the data included in cookies when using this website.

2. Cookies are little text files stored on the hard drive of your computer or mobile device. Cookies make browsing our website smooth and enjoyable. Online shop smakstudio.pl does not store in cookies files any personal details of Shop’s Users.

3. Cookies contain various informations about user of given site WWW and history of the contact with this site. Thanks to cookies server’s owner, who has sended cookies, may easily know user’s IP address, also for instance check, which sites has he browsed before entering on his website. Moreover server’s owner may check, which browser Visitor uses and if they were some error information when displaying website. However, it is worth noting that this data are not associated with particular people browsing websites, but only with computer connected to the Internet, on which Cookies were installed (the IP address is used for this).

4. Users can customise on their own the way they control cookies with mechanisms built in used software for browsing sites WWW. Settings can be altered particularly in a way to block automatic cookie’s service in browser’s settings or to inform each time when cookies are placed in website’s Visitor device. Detailed informations about options and ways of Cookies’s service are available in settings of the software (internet browser). If some of the cookies are blocked it may affect inability to sign-up/log-in on your online shop’s account www.smakstudio.pl or eg. inability to place an order.

5. Cookies are used by online shop Smakstudio.pl in following purposes:
a. Log-in and use the Online shop – eg. verifying connection between user and our server. Shop does not store in Cookies informations identifying individual users, but only data concerning connection.
b. Displaying content - protection for displaying again the same content to user,
c. Form support - service protection against robots activity (computer programs used to automatically examine content of the website www)
d. Statistics- building anonymous statistics of visits of our website.

6. Online shop Smakstudio.pl uses following kinds of Cookies:
a. essential for full functionality of online shop smakstudio.pl – eg. used for authentication and authorization when logging,
b. which are not essential to use online shop Smakstudio.pl, but they make it easier to use it, eg. enabling to remember User’s preferences and personalization of the interface eg. selected language or region.
c. enabling collecting informations on how to use the website,
d. used to ensure safety.

7. Online shop SmakStudio.pl hustles to provide our Clients as well as other people high level of security in the full service of the online shop. All events affecting security of the information transfer should be reported to our address sklep@smakstudio.pl